“When you drive out of the City, you see better school structures. These schools also have more resources and stronger curriculums. Our kids deserve the same high-standards as school districts outside of Detroit and across the state of Michigan”.



Support Teachers and Lower Class Sizes

  • Teachers can be more successful knowing each student’s strengths, weaknesses, and needs to expand the scope of their students’ learning experience.  We need to support the teachers and provide the tools and resources that they need to create top learning environments for the students.
  • With so much evidence in favor of small class sizes, don’t we owe it to our students and teachers to make sure education occurs in a more constructive environment? Every child has the right to the attention and support they need.

Vocational Training Programs

  • Creating a long-term plan to enhance and re-establish our vocational and technical training programs.

Summer and Fall programs for Student Employment Opportunities

  • Working with union leaders to create a potential future program to allow our high school students to work at one of the downtown stadiums.

Air Conditioning

  • Our schools are being closed or let out early because it’s too hot in the buildings.

Renovate and Upgrade Building Conditions

  • Some of our students are being relocated because of poor building conditions, and this is unacceptable.


  • Creating a program that will enable our retirees to come back without jeopardizing their pension.